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Ceramic Razor Blade

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You may find that your skin is frequently damaged during removing unwanted hair with a steel razor blade. That’s because the existing steel razor blades begins to remove the hair with it getting deep into and diagonally stuck to the skin. The skin is damaged in this process, causing various skin problems such as itchiness, irritations, and even pigmentation.

Therefore, KEC. has introduced mineral ceramic razor blade, a razor developed with a non-metal mineral ceramic razor blade. It neither causes oxidation nor corrosion, which prevents it from becoming rusty and fundamentally solves the occurrence of skin problems caused by metal allergies.

Furthermore, KEC’s razor blade is horizontally stuck to the skin, making it possible to remove the hair with no skin damaged. KEC mineral ceramic razor blade can be used safely to remove hair from the arms, legs, armpits and face. KEC’s razor blade is made with fine ceramic materials, which have high strength and machinability equivalent to those of diamonds. They are the most efficient in terms of manufacturing cost among non-metal materials, realizing surface to surface structure for the prevention of skin damage.

KEC features all-in-one razor blade structure and materials, which make it easy to wash and minimizes the risk of cutting the skin or causing folliculitis while removing the hair. And the blade will not cut the skin easily. You feel less pain although the skin is cut, and the wound quickly heals. The cartridge is easy to attach and detach, and the ergonomic design ensures a light, firm grip.