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Treatment and Diagnosis of the Skin

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Dermavision is a skin analysis system that helps the treatment and diagnosis of skin lesion. The image from the Dermavision is transferred through the hospital network for the systemized patient record management. It provides specialized imaging such as CPI, PPI, and UVI. Also, it provides high quality image without reflected light and method of peculiar skin color analysis.

The features of Dermavision are skin color melanin and erythema analysis, high resolution image and brilliant color information without reflected light, convenient and accurate comparison between before and after treatment images, and also simple and easy for photography, operation and analysis. Also, histogram for more accurate and detailed analysis is provided, and 2 specialized images of CPI, PPI and UVI are provided for diverse skin lesion. Moreover, 2 specialized images are provided for diverse skin lesion. The analysis areas of Dermavision are pimple, PWS, flushing, freckle, nevus, spot, pore counter, pore condition, hydration and dehydration.