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 Injection Mold

The injection mold developed and manufactured by KEC are used for automobile parts and washing machines. From R&D, drawing, mold producing to test, one-stop solution is provided. The injection mold for automotive parts are supplied to domestic and overseas market.

The production of injection mold include radiator grill, radiator tank, battery box, side sill, trunk end, door trim, grove box, spoiler, and bumper. The injection mold for the washing machine include tub outer cover, base cabinet, top cover, and door frame outer. Also, special injection mold such as tandem mold and stack mold are developed and manufactured. The technologies of the tandem mold and stack mold are possible to meet the customer demands for productivity improvement and increases sales by 30%. Moreover, large mold and industrial machine parts processes are provided, including the rotor shaft, mold, integral forging, wicket gate, and the runner blade.

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§  Currently, products of Il Jin Delta Co., LTD are supplied LG Electronics, Mazda, Nissan, and Honda.