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Infrared Light Therapy Device for Scalp

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 Near-infrared light is a highly effective in inflammation treatment and improving blood circulation, which was verified from many research results. Currently it is widely used in otolaryngology and dermatology, etc. In particular, because the 660nm wavelength light is excellent in skin penetration effect and cell activation effects, it is used most widely. 

KEC is an infrared light therapy device for scalp that applies a high-power LED of 660 nm wavelength. By using a patented optical technology, KEC radiates 20mW infrared light at the end of the 36 teeth of combs and is designed to deliver infrared light for treatment without disturbing the hair. Users just need to comb their scalp slowly by massaging with KEC. It is effective to use after washing hair and drying with a towel before going to bed. Users can see the treatment effect seborrheic inflammation and improvement of other scalp diseases within two weeks when using four times daily on a regular basis. In addition, KEC helps prevent hair loss by strengthening hair roots and provided treatment for initial hair loss it improves a nutrition supply to hair roots through the improvement of the blood circulation around blood vessels.

– KEC obtained an official permission as a 3rd grade medical device by Korea FDA (manufacturing license: No. 11-1027)
– Without disturbing the hair, it delivers infrared light to scalp and maximizes a therapeutic effect.
– It can treat a large area at once by radiating 20mW infrared light at the end of the 36 teeth of combs.
– It is an eco-friendly and a high-efficiency product applied with a patented optical technology (Patent No.: 10-0898872)
– The lightweight (90g) design and simple operation allows anyone to use it.