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Founded in 2002, NeoDr. Inc. has developed the world’s first and only automatic needle inserter, which is internationally patented in six countries and has various international certifications such as CE, ISO13485, CMDCAS as well as medical device approvals in China and Japan. NeoDr. products are exported to many countries including Germany, Japan, Taiwan, the Netherlands China, Singapore and so forth.

NeoDr. has recently expanded by launching its own lifting thread called “Dr. Perfect V-line.” Lifting thread is a nonsurgical medical procedure designed to embed PDO (Polydioxanone) suture that is melted away in the body within two to six months into the SMAS Layer for lifting, elasticity and better skin texture.

The nonsurgical one-time treatment using various or thicker threads with thinner needles (patent applied for) is recognized as a breakthrough in cosmetic surgery. Several strands of thick sutures tied to leading threads are inserted simultaneously. The lifting thread reduces the treatment time and pain remarkably and thereby maximizing the treatment effect. In addition, NeoDr. has applied for patents regarding its ‘Five Caps Opener’ technology.



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PDO Thread